Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Updates + free postage


Lame nya x menambah stok... tersgt la bz skrg ni.... so ladiesss... pls feel free to browse through k... for tiz time... we'll provide free postage for any order... tunggu ape lg??

All these new stock shall be at RM25 ONLY...

A001-10 - Free Size

A001-11 - Free Size - SOLD

A001-12 - Size S-M

A001-13 - Size M

A001-14 - Size XS-S

A001-15 - Size S-M

A001-16 Size L (RM 20 ok)

A001-17 - Size M-L

A001-18 - Size M

A001-19 - Size S

A001-20 Size S-M

A001-21-Size M-L (RM20 ok)

A001-22 - Size L (RM20 ok)

A001-23 - Size S

Monday, January 4, 2010

mari2... stock baruuu... more VINTAGE!!!

guys... ade stock baru... tgok yeeee....

A001-6, A001-7, A001-8, A001-9, A007, A008, B006

Baju lagiii...

Tiz one i beli 4 myself... free size... tapi balik try mcm sarung nangka la pulak... nampak sume spare tyre aku... tu la confident je muat mase kt kdai tu... tak try... hehe... so nk let go... i think suitable for size S... tak pernah pakai except mase try kat rumah lpas bli ari tu...

PL001 (Fit size S) - RM 25 ONLY!!! - sold to Freddawati

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Stock

Hi there... added some new items.... A001-4, A001-5, A005 & A006... check it out!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jom Beli....

Bear in mind, majority of these are rejected stock.. so... soooo not for fussy buyers k....

Shopping Time....

TYPE A+ - RM 25 only
A001 (Size XS - S)

A001-2 (Size M-L) - sold to Zalyira

A001-3 (Size L) - Sold to Norma

A001-4 (Fit size S-M) - sold to Nur Atika

A001-5 (Fit size S-M)

A001-6 (Fit size S-M) - sold to Freddawati

A001-7 (fit size L) - Sold to Zaidah

A001-8 (Fit size L) - sold to zaida

A001-9 (fit size L)

TYPE A - RM 20 only

A002 (Size S)

A003 (Fit size S-M) - belah kiri & kanan - sold Zalyira

A004 (Fit size S-M) - sold to yoong lixian

A005 - Size M

A006 - Fit size S-M - sold to Zalyira

A007 (fit size S)

A008 (fit size S-M)

 TYPE B - RM 18 only

B001 (Size M) - Blue black t-shirt with belt

B002 (Fit size M-L) - Sold to Azreena

B003 (Fit size S-M)

B004 (Size L) - sold to Zalyira

B005 (Size L) - sold to Elly

B006 (Size L) - sold to E-da

TYPE C - RM 15 only (ada cket stain pd bju)
but ade yg i dah try cuci untuk ilangkan stain guna vanish.. stakat ni mmg berjaya la... tapi baru try 1 je (C005)... hehe... yg lain ble rajin nnti i try pulak...

C001 (Size M)

C002 (Size M-L)

C003 (Size L)

C004 (Size M-L) -  sold to Nor

C005 (Size M) - dah takde stain lg... tunggu ape lg.. thanks to vanish!!