Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Stock

Hi there... added some new items.... A001-4, A001-5, A005 & A006... check it out!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jom Beli....

Bear in mind, majority of these are rejected stock.. so... soooo not for fussy buyers k....

Shopping Time....

TYPE A+ - RM 25 only
A001 (Size XS - S)

A001-2 (Size M-L) - sold to Zalyira

A001-3 (Size L) - Sold to Norma

A001-4 (Fit size S-M) - sold to Nur Atika

A001-5 (Fit size S-M)

A001-6 (Fit size S-M) - sold to Freddawati

A001-7 (fit size L) - Sold to Zaidah

A001-8 (Fit size L) - sold to zaida

A001-9 (fit size L)

TYPE A - RM 20 only

A002 (Size S)

A003 (Fit size S-M) - belah kiri & kanan - sold Zalyira

A004 (Fit size S-M) - sold to yoong lixian

A005 - Size M

A006 - Fit size S-M - sold to Zalyira

A007 (fit size S)

A008 (fit size S-M)

 TYPE B - RM 18 only

B001 (Size M) - Blue black t-shirt with belt

B002 (Fit size M-L) - Sold to Azreena

B003 (Fit size S-M)

B004 (Size L) - sold to Zalyira

B005 (Size L) - sold to Elly

B006 (Size L) - sold to E-da

TYPE C - RM 15 only (ada cket stain pd bju)
but ade yg i dah try cuci untuk ilangkan stain guna vanish.. stakat ni mmg berjaya la... tapi baru try 1 je (C005)... hehe... yg lain ble rajin nnti i try pulak...

C001 (Size M)

C002 (Size M-L)

C003 (Size L)

C004 (Size M-L) -  sold to Nor

C005 (Size M) - dah takde stain lg... tunggu ape lg.. thanks to vanish!!